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WATER BOOSTER PUMP  Booster pump controls proper water volume at the spray nozzle

BOSS FP NOZZLE  6-8 Jet, less overspray, durable, replaceable liner, interchangeable jets

URETHANE FP HOSE  2 1/2 - 3'', smooth, low resistance, low weight, none kinking, last longer

IN-LINE WATER STRAINER  Garden hose fittings, prevents nozzle tip plug up, strongly recommended

POLE  Any length w/ splice, swivel and clamps

SMALL-JOB FP MACHINE  Runs on only 110V/18Amp, sprays 80 bags/day, only 150 lbs

HIGH-PERFORMANCE BOSS FP MACHINES  For all production levels, lowest cost of ownership, very portable, controlled fiber cond.


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